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Thread: Modified T and Palm Grip from P. Mitchell

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    Default Modified T and Palm Grip from P. Mitchell

    Any experiences with those modern grips. How do they feel? I'm thinking about buying a Tour Special or a Seneca.



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    I've got the touring special with the odd T grip. It's pretty comfortable, although looking at it you wouldn't think so. It seems to fall between a T and a palm grip, not quite as much control as a T in rougher water, and not as comfortable as a palm when used all day. Given this it's a good all round tool! It's not to everyone's taste, but the paddle itself is a peach, very lightweight indeed! I like this grip...

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    I make grips that are a cross between a T and a palm grip, but I don't make 'em for sale. They're too much work.

    To see some *really* modern thinking on paddle grips, go here:
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