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Thread: Werner Camano glass fibre blade

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    Default Werner Camano glass fibre blade


    This paddle was bought for use with an inflatable kayak. I have had the Zpro Tango 300 for two years. It was bought because my wife and I fancied doing a bit of paddling but did not know if we would take to it. We have taken to it and would like to venture further we have managed up to 7.5 miles in the Fal estuary. We started off with cheap paddles a Bravo 4 piece canoe / kayak paddle and a Bravo 2 piece kayak paddle.

    We felt that the paddles were too short, having to hold them with our hands too close together and leaning from side to side to get the blades in the water and still managing to catch finger nails on the boat. We could find no one in West Cornwall with paddles longer than 230 cm (6cm longer than our two piece paddle) to try, never mind different models and style.

    My research has been extensive on the internet. I did not want to buy a paddle and then find out I should have bought something different but equally did not want to spend a small fortune.

    I have cut and carved and extended the original paddles to 240 cm (that in itself was a huge improvement). I did try a 250 cm extension but that was too long.

    During my research some questions never got answered until I made a commitment and bought a paddle. This review answers those questions in case some one else is doing the same research.

    I am a novice paddler with a lot to learn about technique so take what I say about this paddle with a pinch of salt.

    The paddle

    Carbon shaft and glass fibre blades.

    The paddle is 240 cm long and 852 g on our kitchen scales.

    The blade is the same length as our two piece bravo ie:- from the tip to where the shaft meets the blade. I did not know whether the Werner specifications referred to the shaped part of the blade or included the short straight bit where it meets the shaft it includes it all. This was relevant when testing my extension to see how much of the blade went into the water. The Werner Shuna, for example, has a blade specification 9 cm shorter than the Camano that's 18 cm overall. If a Shuna paddle length was correct in a particular situation then the Camano would need to be 18 cm longer to get all the blade in the water.

    The Camano has an oval shaft that starts 17 cm from the middle and extends a further 27 cm. I have not seen this specified anywhere. The oval is 29.1 x 32.1 mm. The shaft is round at the blade and the middle with diameters of 30.3 and 31.4. This is a standard shaft, I do not know what diameter the narrow shaft is.

    The blade at the edge is 1.1 mm thick and 2.2mm thick at the tip. When you see images the tip appears darker that is where it is thicker. The increased thickness is felt on the back of the blade keeping a smooth face.

    Ferrule system is as described and shown on the manufacturers website I have no new information other than the overlap totals 97mm.

    Finally the colour Wave Azul is translucent like the original colours. I thought that since I was investing in something which was and indulgence I might as well have my colour of choice this meant nearly a two month wait to have it imported to my local retailer. (I could have had red within three days).

    First experience it doesn't make the Tango go any faster but I can maintain speed a lot longer. I can achieve a faster cadence, its like dropping a few gears on a bike. I now have to develop my technique to justify the expense and will report progress.


    I would post pictures but I don't know how do you have to have a certain no of posts first?

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    I have the same paddle, but it is "out of action" until I sand the ferrule enough to put the halves together.
    I think the Camano is too "low angle" for my paddling style. I can make my 206 cm whitewater paddle work better than the 240 cm Camano.

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