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Thread: Where to paddle..Near Rotherham

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    Default Where to paddle..Near Rotherham

    As i have just had our 1st outing to a country park i was wondering if anyone knew of any other water near Rotherham that was good for paddling ?

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    Hi Shaun,

    You could try the Chestefield Canal or Sheffield and Tinsley Canal, South Yorkshire Navigation or the Fosdyke Navigation towards Lincoln.

    The River Don is not to bad - looked at it a couple of weeks ago, however it was a bit on the low side. Nice to paddle out towards Doncaster, much cleaner than it used to be.

    River Idle (North Notts to the Trent).

    If you want some moving water - try the Derwent Darley Abbey to Matlock bath, get out at the Slalom Course.

    See you on the water may be ( I based in Kiveton Park).



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    pjaway i will look at the spots you have mentioned thanks for that. What if any thing do i need to be able to paddle these waters ?
    If you are ever looking for some company and dont mind me being a complete novice then PM me and maybe i could learn a thing or two

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