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Thread: New to site - Bluewater Squall 16' info.?

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    Default New to site - Bluewater Squall 16' info.?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this site, and could not figure out how to post a new thread in the "Canoe Review" forum.

    Does anyone have information or expereinces paddling the bluewater Squall 16' infused kevlar canoe?

    Any info. on this canoe or Bluewater in general would be greatly apprceiated! Thanks!

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    It's all explained here.

    Quote Originally Posted by MagiKelly View Post
    The starting of reviews is restricted to stop the reference section getting clogged up with question threads etc. Like the places reference section it is ordered in alphabetical order and not the most recent thread. For this to work we need the thread titles to follow a set format.

    All that said we certainly want members to review canoes. If the canoe you are reviewing is already listed then you should post your review on the existing thread. If it is not listed then post the review in the Gear section and drop me a Pm or just report your own post and ask for it to be moved to the review section.

    Hope this helps

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I've never actually heard of Bluewater canoes before, so can't help you there. A quick google revealed why...they're not seemingly normally available over this side of the Atlantic. They look to be beautiful canoes;

    A quick peruse of the website suggests a range of nicely made mostly still/open water canoes.
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    Apparently Bluewater and Scott canoes are one and the same (I stand to be corrected) and they went out of business last year.

    I've heard from a reliable source that Mid-Canada Fibreglass in New Liskeard (makers of Scott and Bluewater canoes) ceased operation yesterday. Scott was at one time Canada's largest canoe manufacturer. Apparently, "The bank called their loans... The company has been on shaky financial ground for several years. The recession and under-performing diversification efforts finally overwhelmed them.... "

    Sk8r on this forum who lives in Canada has a Scott canoe and may be able to provide more info if you contact her.
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    Thanks Keith, that makes sense.

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