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Thread: Swift Keewaydin 16

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    Default Swift Keewaydin 16

    Makers Spec

    Designed by David Yost
    Length: 16’
    Gunwale Width: 32”
    Bow Rocker: 2”
    Stern Rocker: 1,25”
    Centre Depth: 13”
    Hull Shape: Asymmetrical
    Optimum Load Range ~300-575 lbs.
    Industry Capacity ~ 950 lbs.

    Gold Fusion 58 lbs
    Guide Fusion 48 lbs
    Kevlar Fusion 40 lbs
    Kevlar Fusion with Carbon Kevlar Trim 36 lbs
    Carbon Fusion with Carbon Kevlar Trim 33 lbs

    Makers Write Up
    The Keewaydin 16 is a fine light touring canoe for a great variety of paddlers needs. It is one of the few tandems that can be nicely paddles solo as well.
    You never paddle the same river twice.

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    My buddy has one and I've paddled it both tandem and solo. The Kee16 is a nice boat and certainly versatile. It seems to cruise just fine tandem. It's not a bad solo for a tandem but there are others that I prefer. Tandem it seemed to move around more underneath you than I would expect for a boat that's rated to carry 575 pounds but perhaps that's because we were lightly loaded...maybe 375 pounds. It's not unstable, just a little bit wiggly. Solo it seemed harder to spin (turn) than I expected. Overall a nice boat but I much prefer my current Northstar Polaris or my former Bell Northstar both tandem and solo.

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