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    Hi everyone, can anybody suggest somewhere to go in or around the midlands, i live in leicestershire and would like somewhere for me and my mate to do a bit of training and get used to our boat on an actual river, nothing to extreme just a nice stretch of water to have a paddle, and can anybody explain the best method to get back to your car at the end of the day, we've thought about taxis, taking 2 cars or even trying to find a river that goes round in a big circle, much against the forces of nature

    cheers Burt

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    The Soar has some reasonable paddling, although I've not done it myself, only passed by where it meets the Trent. Looks OK. There are several round trips you can do linking the Trent and Trent and Mersey canal, which run parallel for quite a distance. I have done a couple of 15-18 mile trips around Alrewas, one also linked in the Tame. There are also some shorter ones. Another excellent trip, sort of in the same area is the River Idle-Chesterfield round trip - I've done two versions - these are a bit longer though - 23 and 41 miles, but excellent.

    I will be happy to give more specific details if you ever want to do them.

    Hope you find somewhere

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    Default Shuttle trips - River Severn

    I have several times done Bridgnorth to Bewdley on the Severn and gone back up on the Severn Valley Railway Steam train.

    At the moment I am negotiating with them to try and get my playboat into their guards van and it looks like it might just fit.

    Whoever gets the train ride has a mile to walk at each end and there is also the cost of car parking.

    Shorter trips can be done still using the train but I always like to finish at Bewdley and prefer the train ride before the canoeing as you can then play on Eyemore rapids or surf on the shelf below as long as you like.

    There is a good pizza shop in Bewdley or a little park upstream of the car park before the town - river right -which is good for a brew/picnic.

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    I've done several trips on the severn we have managed to get a taxi from Iron Bridge back to the start at atcham bridge, that cost 12 so cheaper than 2 cars from Leicester! and you get a 15 mile one way river trip!
    The trip from Montfort Bridge to Shrewsbury is really nice and a 12mile trip has only a 6mile shuttle and I'm told the buses are pretty regular!

    The Trent and Mersey Canal & the Trent loops moosehead mentioned are well worth it.

    Hope this helps, if you want exact stuff just pm me


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    Hi, I also live in Leicestershire, and have paddled all over. Normal tactic is 2 cars, though a route involving a canal is very quick to return on a bike left locked at one end. The ideal "loop" river options you suggest are few. There's a neat little one starting Swarkestone, downstream to Black Pool, portage onto the Black Pool, then portage out the corner onto the Trent and Mersey back up to Swarkestone Lock. Short walk back to car ( best left in Crewe and Harpur car park ). You can make that one a lot longer by running Kings Mills Weir ( keep in the left half of the weir ) and turning into the Trent and Mersey at Derwent Mouth. Another is Leicester OPC ( i think ) downstream and take the Wreake left ( couple of little weirs, one portageable, one easier to run ) then back up the canal. Check access with Adam, if he's still the Access Officer for the BCU and you're a member. I use a combination of the Nicholson's canal and river guides, the Environment Agency river map and OS maps to work routes out. I was surprised how little there is published on routes like you're asking for. Maybe this site will help start to gather them. I wouldn't mind contributing mine. This is the best one i've found of the Trent

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    thanks guys, there should be enough here to get us started

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