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    I know this only has a small effect on us in that it may give us better access to isolated coves, but if you watch the newsnight link it is interesting to see our mutual "friend" Mr Benyon trying to delay the implementation of the path. Path report is between 26 & 36 mins.

    The Ramblers Campaign is similar to ours, for those not familiar with it here is a link.
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    Thanks for posting this Cloudman, a very interesting item, I love the way Benyon says 'it will be done in a year

    or two', he wishes it could be sooner, but then go's on to say 'the odd person may want to walk from Deal to

    Portsmouth,' but he do's not think its a priority. The song remains the same from Dickie !

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    Looks like Mr Rogerson MP is in favour of more access to the countryside, lets hope when the time comes he thinks the same about the rivers. I shall be sending a thankyou email to Mr Rogerson, this is an idea that may be worth us copying.

    Email from the Ramblers.

    Hello David,

    Iím delighted to be able to share with you some exciting news.

    Yesterday afternoon, the Government announced that it will now include the Isle of Wight in its plans for the England Coast Path.

    This government change of mind only came about because you David, and hundreds like you, campaigned with us.

    I canít tell you what this means to us here on the Isle of Wight. Itís obviously wonderful news for people who love to walk here Ė but it goes beyond that. Itíll be a huge boost to our economy, make it easier for people to enjoy our beautiful countryside and help people to be more active.

    Thank you so much for all your support

    Over the last five years, weíve not shied away from giving the Government stick when itís made bad decisions. For the success of future campaigns, itís important that we give government ministers lots of praise when Ė like now Ė they make the right decisions.

    Please will you join me in sending Environment Minister, Dan Rogerson MP a thank you email?

    With endless thanks.

    Mike Slater
    Isle of Wight Ramblers

    PS - Please do join me in thanking Dan Rogerson MP. Itíll only take a few minutes but could lead to a lifetime of support.

    *You can read more about this wonderful news on the Ramblers website.

    Email from DEFRA

    Isle of Wight
    You responded to a Defra Consultation on an Order for the Isle of Wight under the 2009 Act which was published on 11 December 2013 in order to give a second opportunity for people to state (or re-state) their views on whether or not the Government should make such an Order.
    In the light of the consultation the Government has:
    decided to make an Order and lay the necessary Statutory Instrument before Parliament;
    agreed that Natural England should continue to prioritise its work on the current coastal stretches to deliver coastal access on 1,930 km of the English coast (about 40% of the total) over the next years up to 2020/21; and
    agreed that Natural England should look at its forward plans for the next stretches of the English coast including the Isle of Wight in accordance with the prioritisation criteria set out in the Coastal Access Scheme.

    The summary of responses to the last consultation is at
    Commons, access and inland waterways
    Landscape & Outdoor Recreation Programme
    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    Temple Quay House
    2 The Square
    Bristol BS1 6EB
    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
    "Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men"
    Grp Cpt Sir Douglas Bader CBE,DSO,DFC,FRAeS.

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