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Thread: Not able to use enter/return in forum. Explorer problem?

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    Default Not able to use enter/return in forum. Explorer problem?

    I have explorer 9 on my laptop and after an automatic update find I can no longer use the enter/return key so all my posts end up as a single long string and look a bit weird. I don't have any issue on my desktop PC or similar issues with my laptop in any other forums. I have had issues with IE9 using password forms though so expect it is related to that. Has anyone else seen this problem or have a suggested fix? Thanks, Neil

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    Try restoring your computer to an earlier time. That is, before the last update when the you started getting the problem.
    I don't have the same problem as you, but very often my laptop will slow down after an update and restoring to an earlier date will fix it.

    I've also disabled automatic updates so I can vet them first.
    Nin Wanakiwidee Tchiman

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