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Thread: Everglades Challenge 2013 is underway

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    Default Everglades Challenge 2013 is underway

    The 2013 Everglades Challenge began yesterday -- Saturday -- morning at 8:00. The starting point is a small island on the north side of Tampa Bay, Florida. Information, including a real time tracking map is located at This site also contains a list of the competitors and their types of boats.

    I think there was only one sailing canoe in the 300 mile race to Key Largo. Meade Gudgeon, the founder of West Systems Epoxy, was sailing Yellow Thing. It apparently hit the beach yesterday afternoon and has not move since. No explanation.

    Pictures of the competitors and their boats are available at

    Winds were 20-25 mph with gusts to 30 mph in the Gulf yesterday. One boat, that I know of, was swamped and lost. The captain made it to shore. Air temperatures yesterday were in the 40s, cloudy, with rain last night. Water temperatures run from 65 to 70 degrees.

    Current leaders are two Core Sound ketches, a 17' and a 20', sailing neck and neck and approaching Cape Sable on the southwest tip of Florida. Both of these boats appear to be sailing 24/7 and obviously both have a crew of 2. They should finish the race sometime tomorrow.

    Comments from participants during the race are available on the Watertribe site under "discussion".

    The race lasts until next Saturday.


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    Some pictures of the line up at the start of the Everglades Challenge

    One can see all the tri's and the tri canoes on the beach - more so than in previous years. Kruger Canoes have featured prominently in the finishers over the years ,and Class 1 - kayaks / decked canoes paddled -seem to have the best percentage completion rate .

    Gavin M has muttered on another forum about an EC Challenge type event in the UK event - Margate to Maidstone and back would be a great route ....

    ( I must admit to being an EC Challenge follower over the last few years )

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