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Thread: River Medway East Peckham, can I get to the pub?

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    Default River Medway East Peckham, can I get to the pub?

    Question for anybody familiar with the stretch of the Medway between Tonbridge and East Peckham. I paddle an inflatable and carry the bag when on the river, so can get out and pack up quickly. Any idea if there is any place to get out just up stream of East Peckham, or get up preferably get up to the Man of Kent pub and get out? The plan would be to paddle from Tonbridge and meet my wife at The Man of Kent for some food and a pint.



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    Hi jon, Not sure whether there is a sluice by the entrance to the stream leading to the man of kent, it looks quite overgrown. The stream by the pub looks to be rather shallow with a steepish stone bank, i found a couple of photo's of the stream by the pub;

    another alternative could be to carry on down to yalding where there is a pub / restaurant on the north bank just by Yalding lift bridge.

    if you do go for this one remember to take the center span at branbridges, the side ones are very shallow and littered with sharp things and beware the canoe slide at sluice wier lock, it a steep one!
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    I think I shall have to g oand explore a bit. Great thing about the inflatable is that I can shove it back in the rucksack and go for a strole.

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    If I'm thinking of the right place, if you look to the right as you come downstream (Medway) just opposite East Peckham there is a small stream with a bridge over it, paddle up there and you come to a secret Lagoon (favourite camp site for the Medway Marauders) you can get out there and I'm sure get to East Peckham over the footbridge with a bit of a yomp. TwoSugars forgot to mention the Teapot museum at Yalding winner of a most Crap day out award. Have fun.

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    The River Bourne flows past the Man of Kent pub and out into the Medway opposite the island next to the Hop Farm campsite. It is right underneath the footbridge across the main river, about half a mile upstream of Sluice Lock. In winter it is almost possible to paddle up to the pub, but the last 100 yards or so gets a bit rocky and difficult, and I've not manage that last bit. As I recall you can probably climb out and onto the footpath in a number of places.

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    Had a look up the River Bourne today

    About 250 yards after Oak Weir Lock is this bridge

    The entrace to the river Bourne is on the left before the bridge

    Unfortunately about 100 yards up river its blocked by fallen trees, but it appears to be possible to hop out along this stretch and get onto the footpath and walk to the pub

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