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    This may seem like a weird one but my thoughts were motivated by just posting in the suggestions section about a food section….Anyway.

    Does anyone cook in their canoe? In my mind I can see how it’s quite possible, I’m just wondering if anyone has done it and if they have, how did you do it and what did you cook?

    Hey, a new product…..Canoe stoves!

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    Never thought of that but I had heard of an eskimo who tried using a stove to keep warm. Turned out to be a disaster - which only goes to prove that old saying
    'you can't have your kayak and heat it too'


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    I'm sure I read something a while ago about someone brewing up in a canoe, I guess using a small multi-fuel of some sort ...

    Ah yes, it was this:
    A story over on, by Phil Sheardown. It's about halfway down the page.

    we had the kettle boiling on the Trangia in the bottom of the canoe making hot tea to go with juicy flapjacks. The night overhead came thick with stars. As the tide fell, strange grass grew from the water, resolving slowly into the twigs of more treetops. Brewing-up lent time to reassess the venture. It was dangerous, but safe enough so long as we kept upright.
    Going OT for a bit, but that section through Ham Reach is a 'bit' odd I have to say. I got stuck in there on a very low tide, a year or two back, having taken my mum out paddling for the day. We got caught in a strange rainless thunderstorm too ... No way out either, other then walking up the riverbed in inches of water, as the river channel sits between high mudflats on a very low tide, which are then covered as the tide rises - a bit dodgy I guess, thinking about it now. Very serene on the right tide tho.

    Sorry, I'll hand you back to the question at hand now.

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