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    I wanted to introduce my Dad to hammock camping, but it's cold out there, and I only have one underblanket! So, when I found Risk's design for a double-layered hammock, designed so you can slip a sleeping mat between the layers, I decided to have a go at making one:

    The fabric cost just over 10, and I had it all stitched up in a single evening. Now we're both sorted, and looking forward to our camping trip!

    Eh, Why???

    OK, some folks get on quite happily with a thermarest inside their standard hammocks, or tucked inside their sleeping bags. However I found this a bit like trying to submerge a beach ball at the swimming pool. It worked ok at first, but the moment I rolled over, the thermarest would floomp out from under me (!!). This design eliminates that problem - enough said!

    OK, how's it done?

    I won't repeat the tutorial here, as full instructions are given in the link above, but basically the hammock is made from two rectangles of material, each about 3m long, placed on top of each other:

    The two layers are stitched together along the red lines (about 1/3 of the length), but left separate along the blue lines. This leaves four pockets into which you can slide a thermarest, karrimat and/or spare clothing to improve insulation.

    I used seconds quality Pertex 6 for this hammock. This is a heavier material than I would otherwise have chosen, but at 1.92 per metre from Profabrics, I wasn't going to argue. As to the colour, well beggers can't be choosers!! One bonus is that it is much more windproof than the group buy hammock, and hence warmer - even without the thermarest.

    I departed from the instructions a little, in that I made the bottom layer slightly wider than the top, to avoid squeezing the thermarest too much. In reality this didn't make the slightest bit of difference, so next time I'd stick with the standard instructions . I also sewed a wee strip of pertex along the length to attach a bug net to (the flappy bit visible in the 2nd photo). However, I haven't got round to that yet, and will probably just use the group buy insect netting with this hammock.

    My only other change was to use the W-whipping method, as explained on Just Jeff's hammock pages:

    This looks a bit odd, but you can really feel the effect it has when you're lying in the hammock - makes it much easier to lie flat, which is a plus in my book.

    That's it really! Rig up your hammock as usual, slide your thermarest or karrimat inside, and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!

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    Now since you are making a double layer anyway you could make it with the underblanket built in

    I'll look out for it in version two

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    I suppose that wouldprevent the cocoon use when you are inside the hammock.


    I am tempted to make one out of two bits of fibrepile, or one bit of fiber pile stitched to fleece/windproof. The prices are certainly good for the hammock above.


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