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Thread: Caledonian Canal

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    Default Caledonian Canal

    Have any of you done this trip from Fort Bill to Inverness?
    I am having a go with a few friends on the 16th april.
    Looking for advice on where to Camp (and more importantly drink!)
    Does anybody have any funny tales to tell on this trip?
    Looking at doing it in 4 days.
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    Good pub on the canal at Lagan Locks, old canal boat converted, real fires very nice. Only sailed the canal so no idea about the campsites but there is wild country down one side of every loch and most of the canal sections so I would imagine you will ber spoilt for choice. Loch Oich is particularly nice and I can heartly recommend the afternoon tea and scones (don't laugh.... it's superb) at the Invergary Hotel just up from the small jetty.

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    "Fort Bill"

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    This is one place to start, there are a few links that may help.

    Plus This one.

    It'll be right, trust me, I'm a Yorkshireman.

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