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    Unfortunately for those of us who live on the other side of the pond, Solway Dory does not ship to the US. Consequently, I need to find some other sources for some of their parts. Specifically, I am looking for the maker of their tail nut (handle nut, lever nut) used to attach the leeboard. I would contact them directly, but they are on vacation until September and I am anxious to get my new canoe outfitted asap.

    Also, could someone measure the angle of their outrigger cross piece. I plan on making one, actually with a hinge so it will fold. I figure they have decided on an optimum angle, so why reinvent the wheel.

    Thanks in advance.


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    A quick search brought up this page, I don't know whether they sell in the US but if something's available over here I'd be amazed if it isn't . Try searching for "hand knobs" or "hand levers".

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    I think they source from this supplier - that calls them clamping levers:

    The ends of my beam are turned up about 8 inches.

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