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Thread: Valkyrie Lapstrake 16

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    Default Valkyrie Lapstrake 16

    Maker's Spec

    Length 16'

    Maker's Write Up
    This canoe is also designed to be an all-rounder. It is fitted out as a tandem canoe but handles well as a solo boat. It is lightweight and easily carried by two adults, although it is more than manageable carried solo using the central thwart yoke.
    Designed with a slight rocker, a moderate hull curvature and low fore and aft profiles it handles well in most conditions. With two paddlers its combination of light weight, manoeuvrability and tracking make it an excellent general purpose boat.
    The hull is constructed from plywood sheeting with the gunnels, seats, decks and buoyancy chambers in solid timber. Depending on preference, seats may be either solid wood, cane or woven webbing.
    The boat comes with tender lines and carry lines.
    Storage ports can be added in the buoyancy chambers if desired.

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    Updated information on the 16' Lapstrake open canoe.

    Model name is 'Kestrel' 16
    Valkyrie Craft: Canoes and Classic Boats

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