Sandwood Loch, Sutherland, Scotland

Sandwood Loch is accessed by a car Park at Blairmore. The area is owned by the John Muir Trust who manage the land. It’s main input seems to be to keep the path in useable condition. There is a toilet and water at the Car Park. The area is still farmed, mostly sheep and a few cattle.

Info on the John Muir Trust Sandwood Estate can be found here:

It was canoed, in June 2012, an account can be found here:

Though it is remote and the beach and local area are well worth the trip, the actual loch itself has little to commend it. Nor would I suggest anyone take an open boat into the sea here, as the water can be treacherous. The Loch has the same weather systems as the sea it adjoins and in everything other than exceptionally good weather it wouldn’t make a good paddle. You also have to bear in mind it’s an 8 mile portage there and back.