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    Default Clipper Whitewater II

    Maker's Spec

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    Std Features: Bucket seats, footbrace, sliding bow seat, flotation tanks, center, bow, & stern thwarts
    Options: Gunnel covers, black trim package, wood trim package, foam thigh pads, wilderness lash system, contoured yoke, expedition spray skirt.
    Length: 18'6"
    Beam: 33" 32" (@ 4"Waterline)
    Bow Height: 23"
    Stern Height: 18"
    Center Height:15"
    Fiberglass/Foam Core 72lbs
    Kevlar 62lbs
    Ultralight 56lbs

    Maker's Write Up
    Jensen's Whitewater II was designed in the late 1970's for down river racing. It rates as one of the best all-time, grand touring canoes. The Whitewater II owes its speed to a long waterline and sleek 33" beam.
    Its ability to glide effortlessly through the water combined with its high sides, make it ideal for lakes in BC's interior like Bowron Lakes and Wells Grey Park. It tracks straighter than the Sea Clipper and is easier for paddlers to reach the water thanks to its narrower beam. The Whitewater II is a pure pleasure to paddle. Excellent on big lakes and rivers, the Whitewater II will take you anywhere you want to go.

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    I have a clipper ww2 in custom light it is under 50lb. The canoe is very fast light and comfortable to paddle. No other canoe around here can keep up. Last year we raced The Great Labrador Canoe Race it was around 32-33km we done it in 2hr58min with a 300meter portage. The canoe seems to be very well made except a bit of damage from the freight company when we received it. The canoe tracks straight a bit hard to maneuver in tight corners but its worth the speed of the long waterline. My only advice is to try one you won't be disappointed if you are looking for speed.

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