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    Just read this on another forum from the police

    Then read this section section 2 RIPARIAN RIGHTS. from ?

    who,s right or wrong anybody have any idea ?

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    Not really. We've just been discussing it in the 'Access Paddle' thread in the general forum - come and join us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonar View Post
    who,s right or wrong anybody have any idea ?
    You are better off looking at factsheet 2 which deals with rights of navigation (See section 3.1 which includes "..... However in the case of a public right of navigation the persons asserting the right of the public to navigate must demonstrate user since time immemorial. Underlying this principle is the notion that before the Magna Carta, when the bed of rivers were not capable of private ownership, rivers were public property.") If you read the works of Douglas Caffyn you will see his compelling evidence that such a right has always existed from the Institutes o f Justinian in Roman times through Magna Carta and The Act for Wears and Fishgarths etc and has never been removed or contradicted by any Act of Parliament or Statutory order which is the only way a public right can be extinguished (see Once a Public Right of Navigation always a Public Right of Navigation).
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