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Thread: Loch Skipport - Outer Hebridean Adventures :)

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    Thumbs up Loch Skipport - Outer Hebridean Adventures :)

    Loch Sgiopport or Skipport was once one of the main seaports of South Uist and accommodated steamers from both Glasgow and Oban...

    It's on the sheltered east side of Uist and now has a deserted feel with an old pier at the end of a man made gorge, probably cut by hand over a hundred years ago...?

    The east side of South Uist has a totally different feel to the west. Much more like parts of Sutherland no Maichar just miles of peat bog and tiny islands and inlets some with amazing white beaches exposed on spring low tides...

    We only decided to go there out of curiosity... we were goingto go straight to one of the surf beaches on North Uist, but when we arrived it was obvious that I could not turn down the chance for a mini exploration
    Looking into the Loch you can see these islands that just sort of temp you in!
    I decded to paddle out to and around Siolaigh Mor (Siolay Mor) about 1k form the pier and maybe about 3k around. I thought this was pretty easy considering the very strong winds had now departed and the Loch looked very calm.
    I could see the tide was still coming in as it made a wake on the old pier piles. The wind was from the west, blowing out to see but not as strong as the tide, so I used the wind to paddle agianst the tide, which still had a couple of hour to flood.

    I packed a few things, spare paddle, emergency seat...The K15 has loads of room for gear with built in tie downs.
    Within seconds the van had started to get smaller and smaller..

    You can just make me out infront of Siolay, just after passing to the south of the first small island.

    Looking back..

    I took the OS map with me, which was a good job. As you paddle into the loch things soon take a totally different feel. I neede to stop and check it a few times...

    Looking into The Minch, you can just see Skye way off in the distance

    Topographic Oceans

    The Cuillins in the background...

    Siolay, west coast...

    I needed to check the map again, as Things looked totally different... Really, a chart and compass would have been more suitable, but OS maps a very good.

    The tide had also slackened off and was virtually still.

    The Deer in the three shots above, must swim between islands? Anybody seen swimming Red Deer?

    Another Map stop!

    By now the slight westerly breeze that helped me out against the tide was a 'proper' westerly breeze. The tide was slack though, so no problems with wind against tide...
    I decided to try the Werner Coryvreckon for the first time on the K15
    It worked very well indeed as a sea kayak. I'm sure you could handle some pretty serious conditions on the K15, paddling it like a kayak...

    After some hard paddling the comfort of the van soon came into view

    This shot shows the man made cut.

    Looking back at Siolay...

    High Tide and finished

    Wend made me a perfect cup of coffee

    After my taste of the east coast of South Uist, we drove north through Benbecula, over the causeways to an amazingly exposed surf beach on North Uist to see if any of the huge north easterly swell was making it's way this far west??
    Watch this space for the next adventure

    To be continued...

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    Beautiful pics,
    I realise that Andy and I missed out on that beauty a few years ago when we did the Outer Hebrides - we only paddled a few spots in south Lewis, north Harris and one spot on Barra. Thanks for the blogg - great see how nice it is on the uists. Great getting the lovely pics of deer also.

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    Thanks Tracy!

    I love Barra as well!

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    I'm nervous enough paddleing the sea without standing up. I do fancy trying a stand up paddle in my canoe though.

    And I have seen fallow deer swimming between islands on Loch Lomond so can imagine Red Deer doing the same.

    I started at the bottom and I like it here

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    Cheers John!

    I've paddled my Snake River 12 with my SUP paddle and it paddled really well.

    I believe there is a Stand Up Canoe Association in the USA...?

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    Beautiful spot wavecloud. Thanks for the tour.

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    More to come, so watch this space....the blogs should get better

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    Wonderful photo's, had a solo paddle up there in 2007, collected mussels and fished mackerel, I even caught some pollack on the fly ! great days no I have a couple of photo's to remind me
    Bacon sarnie anyone ?

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    Thanks Wilf!

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