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Thread: Disco 174 For Sale

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    Default Disco 174 For Sale

    Old Town Discovery 174 for sale 200 o.n.o.

    Unwanted Oundle club boat- too heavy for the majority of our members but an OK canoe nonetheless. Stored outside and a bit tatty, hence the price.

    Sorry have been a bit useless so not not got round to taking any pics. Can try and sort some out if you really want some but it's a Disco...nuff said.

    Good family canoe and just about indestructible

    "All right" said Eeyore "We're going. Only don't blame me"

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    is the disco 174 still for sale ?

    If so let me know please - Im looking for a first time canoe for me , wife and 2 small kids . Do you think it would be suitable.
    Im only 10 miles from oundle so could call round to look if possible


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    If its still for sale let me know please, thanks Tom

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    Default Disco

    Sorry I haven't posted a reply more quickly.

    Looks like there is a queue of people who may be interested. I'll be taking replies in first come first served order so will let you know if it's not what the prospective buyer is looking for or if they can't make it over to view in a reasonable time frame.

    "All right" said Eeyore "We're going. Only don't blame me"

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    Its what Im looking for!
    Please let me know and I can come straight over to look - Im only
    10 miles away - 15 mins drive away - and can call over anytime at short notice.
    I will send you my tel number by your email

    Thanks Ady

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    Disco has now gone.

    Good luck Ady and hope you get many hours of paddling joy from her (it?)

    I'm sure we will meet again on the water soon, and don't forget to sort yourself out an SotP sticker soon!

    "All right" said Eeyore "We're going. Only don't blame me"

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    Had first go in the canoe tonight - goes great and kids loved it !
    Thanks Chris for the Sale of boat - Nice place down there at Oundle Club.
    Will keep an eye out for others on the Nene and other waters.
    Good S.o.P website - will recommend others to look.

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