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Thread: Loch Errochty overnight trip...

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    Default Loch Errochty overnight trip...

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    Default loch Errochty overnight trip


    This is my first attempt at a (minor) canoe expedition, I'm currently using a Sevylor Tahiti K109hf inflatable until I can get myself something more substantial so I thought it'd be best to start off with an short trip to see how it performed!

    I'd been looking at google maps for a likely location, somewhere not too far from Edinburgh but somewhere without roads right along the banks so I could get away from civilization... I found Loch Errochty and thought it looked like it had potential so thought that I'd give it a try. I normally look online to try and contact the estate before going camping but I couldn't really find much information in this case so I thought that I'd just go for it. We did find out from a rather disgruntled ghillie when we were packing up at the end that it is part of the Auchleeks estate and that they're not particularly keen on canoeing! So if anyone else fancies a trip up there it may be best contacting them first.

    But anyway... we had great weather when we arrived set up the canoe and had about a half mile trek from where we parked to the loch..

    Some nice views of the hills along the way..

    Loch Errochty is a completely man made loch-

    The campsite....

    having a beer...

    As the sun starts to go down...

    I'm always a bit wary of if I should have a fire or not, but where we camped someone had already had a campfire, complete with burnt out beer cans and as there was plenty of dead driftwood about we went for it. When we were finished we cleared away the fire completely and removed all the litter that had been left previously...

    The weather the next day did its best to remind us that it was still Scotland in April with the sunshine being replaced by rain and wind....

    All in all a fairly successful trip, it's just a shame that apparently the estate aren't keen on people canoeing, if I'd found out the estate which it was part of before going I would have tried to contact them, so I don't know what they'd be like if you were to speak to them in advance... My canoe performed well enough though and a 50% sunshine ratio for a Scottish trip is better than average!
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    Pictures now sorted!
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    Fantastic photos Dectron.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the estate's views on canoeing; you have every right to be there and by the sounds of it you left the place in a better state than you found it.

    I know though that it can take the shine of a trip when you receive negative attention.

    Nice blogg and thanks for sharing.



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    Well done mate, looks a nice place. If they give you a hard time, just tell them your answer is "spherical and in the plural". You improved the place for them.
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    A really nice looking loch, thanks for sharing your trip.

    The loch is a reservoir for the Scottish Hydro Tummel system so it is more important to steer clear of the built structures than ghillies.
    There's a 15 feet diameter pipe that takes water to the Tummel power station.

    I've had fishing types try to tell me I can't paddle on hydro lochs too and that they would report me to the police. That made me smile and I just tell them that the Land Reform Act 2003 gives me the right.

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    Yeah, after being kept awake listening too my mates thunderous snoring all night, I was a little grumpy and did come close to explaining all about my access rights to the guy in no uncertain terms, especially when he started rambling on about insurance etc etc, but as we were just packing up anyway I decided to be nice and just explained that I normally try and contact the estate before going on a trip but that I'd not been able to find any info before I went.

    Best not to unnecessarily antagonise estate owners etc, as for the most part they're pretty reasonable about access..

    It does seem pretty bizarre though that so many aren't keen on people paddling, as from my experience paddlers are generally more responsible than most...

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