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    Hi guys

    heading up to Loch Veyatie in a week to paddle in and climb Suilven. I've done the trip once before and we managed to get through the gate at the top of the track down to the loch as some people happened to have a key, but it was more by good luck than good management!

    Does anyone know a reliable way of obtaining the key, i.e. who to contact and where to collect it from? This would be a massive help as I'm taking my parents and I'm not sure they would be that keen on the portage!

    If people don't want to put up other people details on a public forum feel free to private message me.

    Thanks for any help,


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    Do you mean the track that leads down to the little fish farm from the road just by Elphin? We had to lift the canoe over both gates as while on the way out the bottom gate was open but then closed and locked when we got back. Is that the sort of portaging you don't think they'd like? We had a trolley too which made the road easier.

    As regards a key, one of the houses a little further into Elphin sells the fishing licenses for Veyatie, perhaps they'd be a first port of call - I guess if you googled you'd find contact details for them.

    Couple of pics below from Google of where I'm talking about, the first is further along the road into Elphin, note the fishing permit sign, looking back towards the fish farm track (with a good view of the ultimate destination!) and the other is of the house where the permits are from, with the twin 'peaks' (not what we called them) of Cul Mor as a backdrop...

    Oh, and this is Veyatie and Suilven from Cul Mor ... we had to climb this as the day we did the Suilven trip the weather turned nasty and we were in a cloud for most of the mountain so had no idea what the view was like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickeyblue View Post

    One seriously great photo!

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    When I was there a couple of years ago, the gate was open when we arrived so we were able to drive right to the water. However on the way back it was locked, I knocked on various doors but no-one knew about the key, so I had to haul the boat & gear up the track and over the fence.

    Every time I've passed since, it has been locked.

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