Maker's Spec

Length: 11' 2" (3m 41cm)
Beam: 29" / 27" (74 / 69cm)
Weight (vinyl / wood): 39lbs (17.7kg) / wood not available
Depth (cnt / end): 15.5" / 16" (39 / 41cm)
Rocker (bow / stern): 5.5" / 5.5" (14cm / 14cm)6"
Free Board: 500lbs (227kg)

Maker's Write Up
One of the most – if not THE most – versatile high-performance whitewater canoes ever made. It surfs waves. It plays rivers. It even runs steep creeks. Why? Because we made it with a flat hull for slippery surfing, extreme rocker for creeking maneuverability and tapered ends for vertical play. Oh, and don’t forget the flared ends and midship double gunwale that offer up a dry ride. The hard chines give you no-nonsense performance while catching eddies, surfing waves or making critical ferries. Wait, we’re not finished yet. The deep tumblehome will keep you happy with easy cross strokes and fewer smashed-up fingers.