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Thread: 24-Hour Sailing Race

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    Default 24-Hour Sailing Race

    I have just been asked if we would like to take part in a 24-hour endurance race at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough on the 23rd & 24th of June 2012.

    It is a team event where a number of sailors keep one boat/ canoe going over a 24-hour period. Many teams are collecting some sponsorship money, which goes to charity, but this is optional.

    It is free to enter the race and camping/ facilities are free to use also.

    I believe that while it will be through the night, it will be suitably lit and obviously there will be the usual safety boat on standby.

    I think the press will be there also.

    I know the Commodore down there and he has asked if we fancied entering with our sailing canoes.

    Does this interest anyone?

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    In principle I would but I'm already busy that weekend - doing the Great North Swim (one mile open water in Windermere).

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