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Thread: Bassenthwaite Short And Sweet Blogg

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    Default Bassenthwaite Short And Sweet Blogg

    Saturday soon came around and it was off to meet LiverpoolPaddler at the Pheasant Inn on Bassenthwaite.

    The plan was to put in at Nicholl End Mariner on DerwentWater head north via river and out onto Bassenthwaite Lake(only Lake in cumbria!!!)

    20 minutes or so later we were soon at Nicholl End Mariner on Derwent Water near Portinscale.

    Putin by CumbrianSnapper, on Flickr

    After hiding from a quick heavy shower whilst sitting in side the lovely cafe at Nicholl End it was time to go.

    Within minutes with a wee bit of fear we hit the swelling swarming mass river my first river....

    River1 by CumbrianSnapper, on Flickr

    Under the guidance of Liverpool Paddler who has over 30 years of paddling experience i soon got into the swing of it and took in every bit of information he had to offer !!!

    Liverpoolpaddler 1 by CumbrianSnapper, on Flickr

    We floated past a woodpecker giving 2000cc of 2 stroke pecking power on the left bank, someone must have told him the world was going to end.
    Alas no photo, we could not find him in the flora only hear his insane tapping!!!!!

    river2 by CumbrianSnapper, on Flickr

    Shooting the small rapids was a blast and a new experience for me and i could see how one could get addictive!!!!!
    Keeping well to the right side of the river whilst going through a nature reserve we met the only humans(if they were as one fell silent and couldn't communicate)on the trip two fishermen.
    The views at this point were fantastic so we decided to stop and have lunch whilst just drifting and taking in the scenery.

    Lunchby Cumbrian Snapper, onFlickr

    After a wee while we set off an soon hit Bassenthwaite and its sand banks lol well i hit them twice,Liverpool Paddler drifted through at easy..
    At this point the wind came to play heading straight at us head on!!! dam met blokes again
    My legs suffered severe limp lifeless cramp at this point!!so after a while we stopped again at the shore on Bowness Wood to stretch the old legs.
    Now this would make an ideal campsite with plenty of dead wood and trees.

    Bassenthwaite BW by Cumbrian Snapper, on Flickr

    So just the final few miles to go against the wind practicing my unique j stroke technique
    The put out was in sight a fine sight indeed i was knacked but what a day a Good Day a Great Day

    After tying down the canoes and getting back too the put in for my car i hear a voice "are you Liverpool Paddler ?" it was Song Of The Paddle MaxiP.
    He had seen the canoes on the cars and popped over for a friendly chat and a bit of crack just to put the icing on the day.

    Cheers Liverpool Paddler till the next time
    Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything....................

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    Good to meet you guys and maybe next time, I'll get out to paddle with you rather than just a chat in the car park !
    Death is natures way of telling you to slow down.

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    A grand blog with photos to match.
    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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    Great blogg and pictures.
    Simms ..

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    Enjoyable blogg - looked like a fine trip.

    I'll have to try that one sometime.
    There's a Bluebird in my heart

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    Great blogg, thanks for sharing. It looks like a paddle worth trying out.

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    Looks like a nice wee river!

    "God guard me from those thoughts men think
    In the mind alone;
    He that sings a lasting song
    Thinks in a marrowbone."

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    Like the middle Derwent a grand little river, stay right on entering that silt collection point that is Bass lake.

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