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    Default Clipper Jensen 17

    Maker's Spec

    Length: 17'
    Beam: 33" 32" (@ 4"Waterline)
    Bow Height: 17"
    Stern Height: 16"
    Center Height:12"
    Fiberglass/Foam Core 58lbs
    Ultralight 47lbs
    Custom Kevlar 40lbs
    Pro Boat Layup 32lbs

    Maker's Write Up
    The 17' Jensen Recreation is the lightest tandem Jensen cruising canoe. At 58 pounds in fiberglass, it is stable and makes an excellent boat for the beginner day tripper. Paddlers of all skill levels will appreciate the ease of paddling and its straight tracking quality.
    Eugene Jensen designed this canoe for the average paddler. It suits short outings, weekend trips and amateur racing. Its weight and good stability make it ideal for older paddlers, while its narrow width makes it a natural choice for smaller tandem paddlers. The seats are positioned low so that even the inexperienced will feel comfortable and stable. Excellent performance, lightweight, excellent stability, and excellent value. The 17' Jensen has become the standard adventure racing canoe in Manitoba and will be the prominent canoe at the Canadian Nationals.
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