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Thread: Clipper Ranger 16

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    Default Clipper Ranger 16

    Maker's Spec

    Length: 15' 10"
    Beam: 35" 33" (@ 4"Waterline)
    Bow Height: 19"
    Stern Height: 19"
    Center Height:13"
    Fiberglass 70lbs
    Kevlar 54lbs
    Ultralight 48lbs

    Maker's Write Up
    The 16' and 17' Rangers are great entry level canoes. Their popularity is due to more than just their reasonable price. The design of both these models has been proven over the years by their acceptance as great outfitter and rental canoes. They are very user friendly and are incredibly durable.
    The 16' Ranger is suitable for a multi-day trip, accommodating up to 150 pounds of gear. It is also a great canoe if you want to use it solo. When paddled in the traditional style with the canoe heeled over and the paddler kneeling near the center, you will find that it is exceptionally maneuverable and predictable. The bow seat can be ordered with either the standard plastic bucket seat or a bench seat, allowing the solo paddler to sit on the seat
    facing the stern.
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    This is a solid canoe. My '16 Ranger is in the fiberglass layup. I think it weighs about 70lbs. Stiff hull with no oil-canning whatsoever. Great stability and fit and finish is great. But, it has tractor style seats which makes it difficult to swap ends and paddle backwards when solo. The folks at Clipper do know how to build a nice canoe though. Thats just my 2 cents anyway.


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