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    Default PakCanoe 160

    Maker's Spec

    Max Width: 37 / 94cm
    Gunwale Width: 35 / 89cm
    Depth: 14 / 36cm
    Weight: 51lb / 23.5kg
    Length: 16 / 490cm
    Capacity: 760lb / 350kg

    Maker's Write Up
    PakCanoe 160 is the best all-round canoe. It can carry two people with gear for 2 or 3 weeks on a wilderness river and is a comfortable canoe for a day trip on a lake or whitewater river.

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    Default Pakcanoe 160

    Well, picked mine up yesterday, and it's lovely!

    Bearing in mind the comments about how difficult it is to build, I had my first go in the garden (I would have called it a dry run, but it drizzled throughout!), and it took about 1hr 10 minutes, on my own. It comes apart more quickly and stores easily in the giant, and very tough feeling, bag supplied.

    We went out to the Isla this afternoon and the second build, with a little assistance (mainly putting the elastic bits on the clips), took 40 minutes! I'm sure that a little more practice will improve these times.

    From build to river is pretty painless - the boat is really light and carrying it is a doddle, certainly compared to our 16ft poly boat.

    On the water, it is really maneouvrable; spins with a few strokes (I only had Conor as ballast), and tracks pretty well too. I suspect I'll do both better if I get the loading and trim right. Not tried it leaning over yet . . . The light weight also made it feel nice and fast (is red still the fastest colour?)

    I didn't have a problem kneeling in the stern seat, as the longtitudinal bars were far enough apart, and I haven't tried the front position so won't comment.

    Overall, very favourable first impressions. More to come.


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    Default Further impressions - after a couple of short trips

    I've had this 2 weeks now, and used it on the Isla, Loch Morlich and the Tay from Dunkeld to Caputh - all short trips.

    I'm pretty happy with the concept of having to build the boat before each trip - I have it down to 30-35 minutes, without assistance (and not much different with assistance).

    Paddling solo on the Loch, I was in the middle, with no ballast, so had decent rocker and found the boat very responsive. Conor came for a wee trip, but clearly had low expectations, because he didn't remove his mask and snorkel!

    On the Tay I had Conor as bow paddler, and more kit since we were actually on a journey. It was still really responsive, turning easily, and its lightness meant it seemed less tiring to paddle generally.

    As written elsewhere, it does tend to ride over the waves, rather than plough through, which means that the bow paddler, particularly if a small one, gets less wet - much to his disappointment.

    In case I was biased, it being hard to admit to a mistake when you've just spent your own money on something, I swapped with a friend for a wee while, giving him charge of both my only child, and my new boat (he is a very trustworthy chap), and he agreed that it was the nicest boat he has paddled, out of our 4 and a couple on courses elsewhere.

    The bag it comes in leaves a little to be desired - it is certainly big enough to swallow the whole thing, but it is not the easiest bag to carry any distance; in fact the canoe is easier to carry assembled, I think. I have taken to putting all the metalwork in the bag and keeping the skin separate, as it is easier to manhandle this way, and easier to get it into cars etc.

    That said, carrying this boat is a pleasure - even just from car to river - it is so light that this feature, alone will make me more inclined to paddle when I have a couple of hours to spare - as I often paddle alone, the prospect of lifting a standard boat on to the roofbars on the Disco is sometimes enough to put me off going, but that excuse won't wash any more.

    All in all, I am very happy with the purchase. This really is a great boat, and I can see it bringing lots of pleasure.

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