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Thread: Hello picked up my first canadien canoe this weekend Grumman 15

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    Default Hello picked up my first canadien canoe this weekend Grumman 15

    Hi picked up my Grumman alloy canoe this weekend and sold my single Kayak. I wanted a canadian so I could take the dog out and camping gear. Very happy with the way it performs tracks very well and picks up good speed. Only problem I have is after paddling for about an hour I had about 3 pints of water seep in from somewhere. Just wondering if there are any cheap fixes out there to sealing the alloy joints.?????????

    Also has anyone noticed how expensive ebay is to buy a second hand canoe/kayak I was shocked ? definitely a sellers market ?

    I bought the Grumman of gumtree for 305 and there where other good value canoe's on there.

    Look forward to meeting other paddlers out and about this summer in Kent and the Norfolk Broads............. -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6657andrew View Post
    Only problem I have is after paddling for about an hour I had about 3 pints of water seep in from somewhere.

    Congratulations to your new Boat.

    Maybe it is a good Idea to show some trees to your dog before let it enter the boat.....
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    Hi just a guess but if you find the leak some bathroom selant might do the trick

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    Three pints doesn't seem a lot of water but then again, it's probably more than you'd get from paddle drips and splashes in an hour.

    No idea how you can seal the seams, but you need to determine which seams are leaking and how bad it is first any way.

    I suppose you'll need to put the boat on the water then check to see where it leaks.

    Price wise; it is a sellers market but a lot of sellers, particularly on ebay, have no idea of the difference between a good quality canadian canoe, with a decent re-sale value and a pigs "waste vent"!

    I've seen far too many "Timpo Toy" lookalikes on there lately


    good luck and happy paddling



    Now paddling Either a Gumotex Palava 400 Or a Gumotex Solar Pro 410c and LOVING IT!

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    I had a Grumman 15 once. It got slow and heavy..slower each year and heavier. But it got us started tripping in the Boundary Waters, Algonquin and Quetico.

    After a few years the rivets loosen up. You can try patching with a silicone based adhesive. But on our camp boats (all Grummans) we just threw auto body filler on the seams and questionable rivets.
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    Hi Andrew, I saw that canoe on gumtree as well! But you were way quicker off the mark than me, I was a few hours too late. (The seller has left the add up btw, they must be getting fed up with messages asking after it by now )
    The seller told me it went 15 minutes after listing it, so you were really quick! And 350 sounds a fair price, the one I was watching on ebay went well over my budget a couple of days ago. (Just checked, it sold for 620)
    Be interested to hear how you get on with it, as I love the look of them, but I am also taking notes from everyone who has experience of paddling them on here. (cold, noisy, 'sticky' ...)

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    Will give the sealant a go will let you know how I get on with it, should be ok as its a small leak.

    Hi Mike soon as I saw the add I went for it, My girlfriend thinks I am a bit bonkers doing a 200 mile trip on a Friday night to pick up a canoe, as soon as the add went up. Did you see the old town in essex that was advertised a few hours later that was only 300 look like a good buy. Good luck Mike hope you find a good one.

    I am very happy with it will only be using it for Sunday jaunts and the odd camping trips......I will leave the white water and the 0- degree paddling to the extremists....

    Thanks for your replies

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    Problem with Ebay is the commission you have to pay on your final selling price, sellers factor this in when setting their reserve. Then I could go on all day about people who keep bidding days before the auction ends, all they do is drive the end price up. They should wait until the item is about to end then put in the maximum they are happy to pay. Plus a lot of people shop almost exclusively on Ebay and have forgotten that there are other outlets which are/can be as cheaper if not cheaper.

    3 pints does seem like a lot of water...maybe marine silicon sealant?

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    Good to have you along for the trip. I suppose needs must when the devil drives and he must've been driving mighty hard to force the sale of a kayak.
    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

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