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Thread: Trip Along the Leven in the Seyvlor Hudson.

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    Default Trip Along the Leven in the Seyvlor Hudson.

    Hello All

    I've been itching to get out on some moving water for a while; wanting to dothe Dinsdale loop on the Tees was the first choice but couldn't get anybodythis weekend to join me in the canoe...

    so opted to go upstream on the Leven instead.

    Good drop and pick up points sorted. Dropped in under the A19 viaduct andheaded up to Leven Bank.

    The water was moving fast but a lot shallower than I expected. Having put thefin on the Hudson it did ground once or twice.

    The trip was good though. Plenty of shelter from the wind as it was quite agale when i set off. An otter popped up to say hello then soon disappearedaway. Passed a sunken car (possible a Renault 5) and soon came to the Levenbridge.

    Fully enjoyed the trip so peacefull.
    (not sure why i cant post pictures without url? any advice would be appreciated)
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    Mark Headlam

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    Hi MCH.
    we were going to make the trip to the Leven today but ended up going the other way from preston Hall

    4 inflatables and 1x Hard Kayak 2 x Advanced elements 1 x sevylor Canyon 1 x sevylor Colorado.

    Maybe next time but we find the parking easy from Preston hall..
    But Alas we have to make our way back to the cars.

    Shout next time your going we may be able to join you.
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    next time out i will drop you a line see if your free, like wise if you know of a group let me know and i will pop along if i'm free.
    I got in the Tees at the back of yarm last year and went up stream from there. it's a nice paddle. and easy enough to get parked and in the water.

    look forward to meeting up.

    Mark Headlam

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