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Thread: Ally 15.5' DR

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    Default Ally 15.5' DR

    Maker's Spec

    Length: 490 cm / 16'
    Width: 84 cm / 33''
    Width gunwale: 77 cm / 30.5''
    Width waterline: 80 cm / 31.5''
    Depth: 34 cm / 13.5''
    Height bow: 45 cm / 17.5''
    Weight: 17,5 kg / 39 lbs
    Capacity: 320 kg / 705 lbs

    Maker's Write Up
    This is a splendid canoe for two persons with baggage on week-end to week long trips, or for families with two adults and one child. The canoe is relatively short and has a low profile, making it harder for wind to get hold. The design and size makes it an excellent solo-canoe on lakes and quiet rivers. The low weight and the handy size make it ideal for trips with a lot of portage. This is a fast, easily maneuverable canoe, even for the soloist.

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    Please ignore this I am new and just getting a couple of posts done so that I can contact other members

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    Welcome Newbie, we all started somewhere - in my case not long before you ! Photos took a few goes until I realised what I was doing wrong, but getting the hang of it now. Great looking at others pics and trip reports, see how they outfit their boats etc.


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    Sorry, I don't want to sell my Ally. It was dificult get the Ally Canoe in Spain and I want to explore some years more in Spain and travel to Lapland. I hope you find a second hand Ally. If I have good news in the next future will contact with you.
    Best regards

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