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    How do I...
    well, how do I get some training in kayaking skills like self-recovering, rolling and so on - the sort of thing a kayaker should know before soloing down rivers, across limpid pools, through glens and sea lochs? My desire for adventure and extending myself will soon reach the point where I should go back and get these kinds of skills (yes, I know, the kind of thing one should learn *right* at the start, but I didn't, so have to go back and learn them now) so I can get myself out of anything I get into.

    I'm in West Lothian. Anyone have suggestions for sources of training around there? Offers of informal sessions on some nearby loch/canal/river?

    There is a West Lothian Canoe Club, but they are not answering emails to their website, it seems, so need something else. I can't afford long organised 'adventure trips' of the commercial kind so need a (reasonably) quick, cheap, local solution. Your thoughts....?

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    is "Forth" still active? << yup

    Long ago - and I do mean long as in 40 years - they were a top club with lots of good folks - the web site looks promising.

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    The SCA site lists the following clubs/centres for the lothians (I took out east lothian stuff);

    Bridge 8 Canoe & Kayak Club Club'at' Sea Kayak/Touring/Wild Water Racing
    Edinburgh KC Lothians Club info'at' White Water/Canoe/Sea Kayak/Surf
    Forth CC Lothians Club forthcc'at'
    Linlithgow Kayak Racing Lothians Club diddlydan'at'
    Lothian Sea Kayak Club Lothians Club alanwilliamfraser'at' Sea Kayak/Surf
    Low Port Education Centre Lothians Outdoor Centre lowport.centre'at' Sea Kayak
    Port Edgar Watersports Lothians Outdoor Centre info.pem'at' Sea Kayak

    I can recommend the teams at Standing waves and Castle Semple

    hope this helps


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    What useful funds of information you guys are. Thank you. Yes, that helps a lot. I wish all forums were as helpful as this one!

    I have checked out all these on the web and contacted both the Forth and Stirling Canoe Clubs and will wait to see if they are more responsive than the West Lothian one - they seemed the best options for someone of my experience level, not yet specialised into a branch of the sport. And I will think about the courses listed at Port Edgar, Castle Semple and Standing Waves - all look interesting.

    Of course, if anyone is planning a small trip and fancies taking along a relative newcomer (see above!) I'd welcome the company and experience of "proper kayakers" who know what they are doing too, anywhere within a couple of hours drive of West Lothian.

    Thanks again. Any further suggestions, tips, offers etc still welcome, of course.

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