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Thread: Adding Centre Seat to 16" Ranger

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    Default Adding Centre Seat to 16" Ranger

    I intend to add a centre seat to a 16" Venture Ranger by removing the carrying yoke and replacing it with wooden (lattice) seat. My plan is to use the two holes used for the yoke and drilling a further two towards the rear to accomodate the new seat using a pair of Pyrannah metal seat hangers. Any views or advice on this would be welcome.

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    Hi, I have done this with my Ranger 16 with no problems, mine is an older PE one. Even if you have a newer corelite one I don't think there will be a problem, the metal seat hangers and a wooden seat should still stop the gunwales moving in or out.

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    My only question would be, whether the seat will be a bit too far forward using those holes. Try it, but be prepared to shift it about 6" back from that position. Another factor is whether you will be sitting or kneeling on the center seat. The center of gravity of a kneeling paddler may be a bit back from that of a paddler sitting on the same seat. In general, for solo paddling, you want trim to be level, or no more than slightly bow high. What you do NOT want is for trim to be bow down, not even a little.

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    I guess it depends what the function of the third seat will be? If it includes being able to solo the boat on occasions then maybe leave the yoke where it is and fit the third seat maybe 16" - 18" back in a similar position to a KT. I did this on a 16' boat with no problems but it really depends on how you intend to use it. For me it was to solo sometimes and on other occasions to have a couple of kids in the boat with me when I would usually paddle of the middle seat and put one behind and one in front, sometimes I'd be at the back depending how much of an eye they needed. For this type of use it worked well.

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