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Thread: FS: Range of kit most under 20

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    Default FS: Range of kit most under 20

    Gul Titanium 2 Long sleeved rash vest, grey/black. As new. Large - 20

    Bombergear gear bag. Roll top. Same construction as Ortlieb. Few marks from use, no holes, all clips good. 15

    Palm Rivertec neoprene shorts. No holes, rips or tears. Large - 15

    PeakUK rash vest. L/XL 10

    Peakuk neoprene strides. Orange/Grey/Black. Large - 15

    Pair of unused neoprene socks with re-enforced heals. Large size (9/10 ish) 10

    Lomo spraydeck. Brand new. l/XL waist fits keyhole. 15

    Voyageur Flathead Dry bag. Tough Cordura material. Roll top. 10

    Billabong Camo Board shorts. As new. 38" waist more like 36". 10

    Bombergear Neoprene lined shorts. Black/Grey. Large. Some stitching has come a way on the back of the shorts but no holes etc 12

    PeakUK Freeride double cag. New. Size - Small. Orange/grey. RRP is over 150. 90


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    Motorola T5500 walkie talkies x 2 30

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    Bombergear bag and Lomo deck now sold.

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    Peakuk strides and Bomber shorts now sold
    Both rash vests now sold

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