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Thread: Praise for Endless River

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    Default Praise for Endless River

    I ordered a sail and mast foot on the Thursday at lunch time and it arrived at my house the following day.

    Well done guys.
    Big Al.

    Only when the last tree has died
    and the last river been poisoned
    and the last fish been caught
    will we realise we cannot eat money.
    ~Cree Indian Proverb

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    Hi Al
    Just to ad my bit to this, i ordered 4 drip rings Wed about 3/4 pm, low and behold they arrived by royal mail the next morning. Now thats service for you, i have used them before and found them to be the same. Be nice if everone was that efficient, i will obviously be useing them in the future. Regards Tony

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    I will second that, TOP NOTCH EVERYTIME.

    Cheers Geo
    All things are difficult before they are easy.

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