Hi all,came across these hand measurents in an old book and thought they might be useful here for outdoor cooking.

1 fistful=1/4 cup for a woman or 1/2 cup for a man.
A 2 finger pinch=1/8 teaspoon.
A 3 finger pinch=1/3 teaspoon.
A 4 finger pinch=1 teaspoon.

To tell temperature of your fire hold your hand where you will place your food,and count 1,2,3,4,5,etc
A slow fire 250 -325*f or 6 to 8 count.
A medium fire 400*F 4 to 5 count.
Hot fires are 400*-500*f or 2 to 3 count.(temps in farenheit)

Happy cooking or burning hands!