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Thread: woodcaft by nessmuk which book?

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    Default woodcaft by nessmuk which book?

    I have a copy of woodcraft by nessmuk published by dodo press,unfortunatley it does not have any pictures in it,i know there is a version out there that is accurate to the original,but there are so many reprints on amazon that im not sure of which is the best reprint,does anyone know which one is the best copy?thanks.

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    I expect you have sorted this out by now, but in just doing a search for any references on SotP to Nessmuk's famous book I came across your post.
    My somewhat battered copy of 'Woodcraft and Camping: the great American classic of Camping' is the Dover edition, first published in 1963. It contains the drawings by George Sears, aka Nessmuk. It is ISBN 0-486-21145-2.

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    Thanks for that bembe,I was hoping someone on here could put me right I always thought my dodo edition didint do the book justice without the pics,I now know what to look for,another book to get for the collection then!

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    Yep , what they said Dover ed , on Amazon or Alibris for a few dollars. Great retro read


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