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Thread: River Nene - a sort of circular route from Ringstead

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    Default River Nene - a sort of circular route from Ringstead

    One of the great things about starting work at 1800 is that once the dogs are walked and I've done the 'honey-do' jobs, as my friend in Louisiana calls them, the day is my oyster - so I oystered off to Lower Ringstead lock on the River Nene.

    The get-in is by Willy Watt's marina

    With little flow it is a serene paddle into the final mist being burnt off as I paddle upstream

    Best put a map in at this stage - the duck's beak at the top right is pointing at the get-in; the turn around point is an inch to the right of the word 'Little' at the bottom......wouldn't think I've got navigational qualifications would you?

    I paddled into the new-ish marina and nosed about - quite a pretty place I thought

    Then out through the arches to get to the sluice pool

    Then it's a just a few yards to Upper Ringstead lock - it was quite amusing to hear a guy calling out 'Does the canoeist need a hard hat boss?'

    But there is some serious engineering going on inside the lock

    There is a stub of water river right and you can just get past the disused railway bridge that is now a cycle-way.....another two months and you won't be able to get anywhere near it with reeds

    But it is an enchantingly beautiful place to enjoy the sunshine

    Back on to the main navigation and a little further upstream to the Addington backwater that bypasses Upper Ringstead lock

    It is one of those places that you can either paddle through in 10 minutes or you can spend an hour drifting

    I drifted.......

    A sort of SotP shot - the new shoots in the foreground will grow fast and completely change the character within a month or two

    Even a rusty old bridge somehow blends in to its surroundings

    Why would you rush through here?

    If you rush you probably wouldn't notice a swan feather blown against a fresh water mussel shell

    My only company

    I think the reeds give this place a lovely atmosphere

    ....with the golden reflection appearing to colour the whole scene

    A common sight on Nene backwaters - a rather low bridge which is a real hazard in high conditions

    Back on the main navigation - looking upstream towards the lock and the route into the sluice pool

    I always think I'm entering a different world when I paddle though here

    Returning to Willy Watt's - river right to Lower Ringstead lock and the end of a cracking two hours on the river.

    Happy days,

    A ship should not ride on a single anchor, nor life on a single hope - Epictetus

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    This looks lovely, I'll put it on my 'to do' list.

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    Looks gorgeous!

    I see your swans are starting to get a bit arsey too, judging by the wing posture!
    Covering as many malmiles as possible before being distracted by the pub!

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    Very Nice Blog

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    Yeah.... I guess it beats working, eh? Fantastic way to start the day.... Great pictures too....
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    Nice trip!! I like the golden reeds with the sun shining on them. I love that stretch of backwater going past Blackthorn Marina, it's so nice paddling under the trees past that little island

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    I wasn't even aware of the ubiquity of reeds until I encountered them in Louisiana. They seem to be tolerating fresh water as well as mildly salty water. Fortunately, in Louisiana, other marsh growth seems to keep the reeds to their own limited zone, not dominating the freshwater.

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