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    Maker's Spec

    Heron availability: Weight*
    Kevlar Ultra-light 36lb.
    Kevlar Flex-core 46lb.
    Tuf-weave Flex-core 54lb.
    Royalex 57lb.
    *Weights published are for canoes with all standard equipment

    Maker's Write Up
    Based on our popular Spirit II, the Heron is a short utility canoe that is excellent for casual activities on calm, local waters. This type of canoe is often preferred by people who aren't paddling enthusiasts, but who use a canoe occasionally for a variety of purposes. When we designed the Heron we wanted to prove that a well thought out recreation design can be pleasant to paddle as well as functional.

    The Heron's blend of stability, efficiency, and capacity makes it truly useful in a broad range of situations. Stable enough for less experienced paddlers to use comfortably, the Heron's performance makes traveling longer distances practical, including one or two day trips. The Heron tracks better and is more efficient than our Fisherman. While its shorter length makes it suitable for twisting streams and occasional light rapids.

    If you occasionally spend time on marshes and waterways by yourself, you might add a center seat for solo paddling, or reversing the canoe and paddling solo from the bow seat, stern first.

    A stable and maneuverable 15' utility canoe, the Heron is also highly-responsive and delivers more canoeing pleasure than is typical of other hulls of this type.
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