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Thread: Hi from Manchester!

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    Default Hi from Manchester!

    Hey guys!

    My name's Phill and I'm based in Altrincham (just south of Manchester)

    I visited the forum a few times before I joined and it's a gold mine of information with what seems like a really solid and friendly base of members!

    Looking at buying my first canoe soon and can't wait to get out on the water!

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    Don't wait too long to order your canoe if it has to be built by the factory. Delivery time can be 2 months, or longer if you order during the summer because that is when everybody orders new canoes.

    Try to hook up with a local paddling club and find out what they have and like. Don't do what I did, picking a canoe out of a catalogue, never having talked to anyone about how well it performed. I chose a beauty for tandem touring but find now I would like something smaller for solo paddling. Nothing wrong with having two canoes, is there?

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    Sounds like twice the fun to me!
    I'm asking a few questions in one of the other threads and then I shall be straight to it!

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    Good to have you along for the trip.
    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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    Hi, nice to have you here!

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    Hi Phil,
    I have just joined too, seems a great site!
    I am just south of Manchester too, and just got my new boat last week! I went to Brookbank in Stockport. It was my dog's birthday, so I have bought her an inflatable rubber kayak. (She does not like plastic, as she slips off all the time ) And we now have matching buoyancy aids. We have been having a wonderful time, we went to the lake district on the weekend, and did a circumnavigation of lake Windamere. We are going to go along and check out a couple of local clubs to see if we can find more places to go exploring. If you see a yellow and black boat, with a black and white springer spaniel in a red life jacket navigating, that will be us! Fiona

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