Makers Spec

Length: 161 491cm
Width: 35 89cm
Weight: 60lbs 27kg
Depth: ?
Capacity: 882lbs 400kg

Makers Write Up

The Traveler is a superb lightweight canoe that is at home in a variety of conditions whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a family looking for fun.
The flat hull provides good all round stability with moderate rocker for a good balance between straight line speed and turning ability. The bow is slightly flared and there is enough freeboard (depth) for a dry ride. It is ideal for lakes, flat to moderate rivers, canals, etc. and it's light weight means it is easy to manage off the water too.
The Traveler is supplied standard with 2 wood and web seats, wood thwart and wood carrying yoke. The end decks incorporate carrying handles and the tough PU gunwales give the boat rigidity.
There are 2 sizes available in the Traveler. The 15 foot version is ideal for a combination of solo and tandem paddling while the 16 foot version is also manageable as a solo but can also easily take a second or third paddler in comfort.
  • Light weight
  • Freeboard depth for a dry ride
  • Flat hull for increase in stability