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    Default Wenonah Rendezvous

    Maker's Spec

    Royalex 58lb

    Maker's Write Up
    This is a crossover design; it's highly capable on fast water, but it travels quite well with less of a current, too.

    The Rendezvous has 2 1/2" of rocker to turn quickly, and deep, flared ends to deflect waves. Its wide, full hull also gives plenty of buoyancy on frothy water. Lightly loaded, this hull loves to play, and many people buy it for that.

    But it's not a quirky whitewater dart, rather a downriver canoe. It has an efficient hull shape with tumblehome in the center to let you paddle effectively. Its performance with a load makes it ideal for trips on fast water, where it has plenty of agility and seaworthiness.

    Canoe & Kayak Magazine called it "multifaceted" and gave this canoe high praise. "On whitewater, where I knelt in the canoe," the reviewer noted, "the Rendezvous was a whitewater boat. But on the lower river, where I sat on the seat, it became a cruiser. Although it stayed dry in the current and waves, it also tracked well and was fast."
    We outfit the Rendezvous with a fixed, web seat that is angled down slightly in front. This configuration gives greater control to a person who is kneeling, which is the posture favored by most whitewater paddlers.
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    Default my Rendezvous

    I have paddled a Rendesvous in the central United States Ozark rivers now for somewhere around 7 years. It performs nicely in class III. It is a little loose when on flatwater stretches. Once the waves start getting class II and above, it becomes rock solid. I paddle class II and III with it loaded for camping on the rivers and find it to be a steady workhorse as well.


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    "...and lightly loaded, it loves to play, and many people buy it for that." No, they don't. It is a great boat for covering miles on class 2+ whitewater, but do not buy it as a playboat. I paddled the Royalex version, and it is much too "stiff" for a playboat. It has too little rocker to spin easily, and it will spear right through eddies unless you slow and let the current differential turn the boat. Just as a fast cruiser must be low rocker, a real whitewater boat must have lots of rocker.

    Wenonah has a new whitewater boat which is a real playboat, the first serious whitewater effort I have seen from them (except for a version of Frankie Hubbard's Edge they used to offer.) Check it out.

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