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    Default Esquif Presage

    Makers Spec

    Technical specifications

    Construction: royalex
    Length: 4.85m (15'11")
    Width: 89.2cm (35")
    Depth: 37.5cm (14")
    Shape: Shallow Arc
    Rocker: 7cm (2") bow 7cm (2") stern
    Gunwale: wood or vinyl
    Colors: yellow
    Weight: 31.75kg (70lbs)
    Seats: Webbed seats
    Options: Additionnal seats
    Standard: Countoured yoke and thwart

    Makers Write Up

    First born of the Esquif family, the Presage is distinguished by its maneuverability, its lightness and its durability on lakes and rivers.
    The most versatile of our models, it is suitable for recreational and wilderness paddling noted for its stability and speed. Its design guarantees that no matter which kind of water you prefer, the Presage is the ideal canoe for the whole family.

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    I bought my Presage about 2 years ago now direct from Simon at Square Rock (UK Importers). It was one of the first in the country I think beeing the photo model for the Square Rock brochure at the time. Really nice boat that is a joy to paddle especially compared to the coleman 16 I had before. Officially it is a "family boat" and as such I take out my kids in it and also my wife who would not even consider going in my kayak. It is fast, stable, roomy and looks good so meets my requirements of a family boat admirably. It is also light enough (its Royalex) for me to be able to lift it onto the roof rack of my landrover single handed, which is important when the other half of your tandem team is only six years old! I woudl thorughly recommend the boat and also Square Rock.

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    I owned 2 esquifs presage in the past . The primary stability is really good but the secondary stability is OK .I soloed class 4 and makes good run and did somes class 3 with my dog but i think small class 3 is top for this canoe . it track really well , it fast on flat and i crossed windy lake without troubles . I would recommend this canoe for beginner and as a familly boat .

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    I paddled the presage at the English Canoe Symposium at the weekend! I really liked it and considering purchasing to one to cover me doing white water and touring in Norfolk. Nice spacious boat with good stability.
    Nice to read other peoples reviews of the boat as well.

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    I really don't like this boat......terrible secondary stability. I nearly fell out whilst stationary on several occasions.....Primary stability is good but let down by the secondary.....a deal breaker for me
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