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Thread: Sailing Meets - Dates & Venues

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    Default Sailing Meets - Dates & Venues

    Generally, when does the OCSG publish the venues and dates for the sailing meets?

    I am trying to plan my time off next year and ideally, I would like to make the meets in the central/ east of the country if I can.

    Would the OCSG require any assistance in organising meets does anyone know? I could perhaps help to organise a Rutland Water meet as it's just 15-mins from me.

    Also, I understand that the OCSG AGM is in Hartington this February. Are there any details of this somewhere?

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    The OCSG calendar is usually firmed up in the first couple of months of the year. There have been some discussions already about what people would like but it is not even drafted out yet. I know how you feel about wanting to plan your year - I'm in the same boat as I have to submit my time-off wish list to my employer before the end of this month. Some of the challenges for the OCSG setting dates and venues is the fact that some venues have not sorted their own calendar yet (eg Ullswater YC - but given they have their massive regatta weekend on July 7/8 and our normal slot is the one after then it is likely to be 14/15). Your offer to help organise the Rutland meet is most welcome and I will get in touch with our chap to see how that could work. One of the other issues with setting up the calendar is getting organisers sorted!

    The OCSG AGM is cunningly concealed within our Winter Meet, which is a great social event in the depths of the off season (and discussing the Events Calendar is a key part of the weekend). The booking details were in the November edition of our Gossip. I know you only joined recently so if you missed it let me know and I can send it to you. The formal notification is in the current, December edition, which may have prompted your enquiry!?

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