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    Default Coleman Odyssey

    Maker's Spec

    Maker's Write Up
    •17'5" (525cm) touring canoe
    •Made of virtually indestructible Ram-X material
    •Beam 37"/94cm
    •Weight 91 lbs/41 kg
    •Maximum capacity 1050 lbs/476 kg
    •Keeled to reduce side slipping and improve tracking
    •Moderate slope at bow and stern
    •Foam filled seats are full width and depth, for added structural support
    •Fore and aft carrying handles
    •Drink holders
    •Two year limited warranty
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    Any opinion(s) on this ?

    I guess it tracks nicely, but could be tricky to manoeuvre.

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    My experiences of larger colemans tells me it will be slow, hard to move, hard to turn and an uncomfortable place to sit or kneel. On the plus side it is a boat, a big boat, it will get you (and as much kit and as many friends as you want) places you can't get without a canoe, it has cup holders (I've always wanted a cupholder in my boat) and if you stick a deck on it you can use it as an aircraft carrier.

    If you are looking for a boat, there's generally something nicer in the price range than a coleman, but if there isn't, it's a boat, which is better than no boat.

    The only coleman I really have time for is the little 13 foot one they did, it was just like their bigger boats, no yoke, uncomfortable seats, a scaffy bar right where you want to have knees, but it was small enough to turn easily and with enough volume to keep you out of trouble in water you really shouldn't have been in. It wasn't a "good" boat, but it had character and was a fun little thing to throw at a rapid, I paddled one a few times and always had a laugh.
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    I have the 15'6 version, and a friend has the 17' one. I can solo the 15'6" quite happily - I don't find the seats uncomfortable (bit slippy maybe) and I don't find the centre keel pole a problem when kneeling, even when well over to one side of the boat (which does make it behave better). Downsides: yes they are very heavy (do you really want a yoke in a 91 lb boat?!) and slow to get going at first - you need a couple of strong paddlers for the 17' one! I note that they now say the seats are foam filled - on mine they were not and I was appalled how much water came out of them after a capsize (I had to drill holes to drain them). I subsequently filled them with foam - so good if the manufacturer now does this - but check on older boats - they may not have foam. Upsides: you can get loads of kit in them, they are very stable and virtually indestructible

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