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Thread: Wenonah Minnesota II

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    Default Wenonah Minnesota II

    Maker's Spec

    Graphite Ultra-light Core 37lb.
    Kevlar Ultra-light 42lb.
    Kevlar Flex-core 54lb.
    Tuf-weave Flex-core 63lb.
    *Weights published are for canoes with all standard equipment

    Maker's Write Up
    If you travel in Minnesota's BWCA, or Canada's Quetico Park, you'll see lots of these Jensen-designed canoes. You'll hear rave reviews about them, too, because the Minnesota II is widely acclaimed by the dedicated paddlers, professional guides, and park rangers of the lake country as the ideal canoe for lengthy trips.

    When Outdoor Life Network Adventure TV gave it their four-star Gear Guide Award, reviewers praised The Minnesota II's superior virtues for back-country excursions and camping trips.

    Since we make it to use where week-long outings are typical, we gave this design high capacity and seaworthiness. It will hold two people with heavy gear and still cope well with lake waves.

    Best of all -- and the reason it's so popular in the North -- is that the Minnesota II has unmatched performance when loaded. It will travel great distances, at high speeds, with less effort than any other tandem performance canoe.

    And, if built in our Ultra-light Kevlar or graphite versions, it will make you look forward to the portages! We take the Minnesota II on our family trips since nothing else has its combined efficiency, capacity, and lightness.

    Canoe & Kayak Magazine noted that, "Apart from its superb final stability, the best feature is how it returns to course in waves. Its performance in choppy conditions was impressive, and the canoe retained its glide even with a load."

    Like the Minnesota II, our Champlain is also popular for long trips, but it has differing appeals. Although it has greater capacity and seaworthiness, the Champlain won't travel as fast, as easily, with a load. The Minnesota II is sleeker at the water. It also gives its paddlers an easy reach to perform effective strokes all day long with comfort.

    Although designed initially for northern Minnesota, the Minnesota II has wider applications. Some other areas offer similar paddling opportunities, and this hull is ideal for trips on lakes and mild rivers wherever you find them.
    Its superb performance and straight tracking also make the Minnesota II ideal to paddle lightly-loaded merely for the enjoyment of traveling swiftly.
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    Seriously fast canoe, with poor initial stability and good final stability. the poor initial stability can wear you out compensating for the side to side motion of the canoe. In spite of its length, the Minnesota II is best manned by lightweight paddlers. Low freeboard keeps the canoe from being caught by the wind, but a long haul in high waves can be a dicey proposition.
    The perfect canoe -
    Like a leaf on the water

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    Default Lightweight Paddlers?

    I have owned and paddled my Minnesota II for 16 years. It has seen widespread lake and river use here in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. I weigh 240 lbs and my partner is 275 lbs. We carry a lot of equipment when we go on overnight trips. The Minnesota II easily handles the weight. This canoe was made to carry things -- including paddlers. The weight also helps its performance in windy conditions. What an awesome canoe!!!

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    Length & width etc:

    18'6" (563.88 cm)

    Gunwale Width:
    33.5" (85.09 cm)

    Maximum Width:
    35" (88.9 cm)

    Waterline Width:
    33.5" (85.09 cm)

    Bow Depth:
    20.5" (52.07 cm)

    Center Depth:
    13.5" (34.29 cm)

    Stern Depth:
    17" (43.18 cm)

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    Default Wanted to hate it

    Mine is ugly, utilitarian, and with no graceful lines. I don't like this style, or this ideology of "go-fast". I couldn't help but enjoy paddling this thing, though. It is well made, superbly designed, and just handles and paddles like it was made by canoeists, with every feature working to make a great ride. Handles weight, feels stable, easy paddling stations, the state of the evolution of this old design. Top marks and it earned them, begrudgingly.

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