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    HAIDA 17’
    The Haida is a larger version of our Tripper with a wider beam and extra carrying capacity. Its added roominess and stability make it an ideal canoe for families tripping with young children. It is quite capable of carrying two adults, two kids and gear for 10 day trips. The longer length means efficient tracking on lakes and flatwater. The Haida is an exceptional family canoe as well as providing a stable platform for fishing and nature photography.
    Length: 17”
    Beam: 36’
    Center Depth: 14’
    Bow Depth: 22’
    Bow Rocker: NA
    Stern Rocker: NA
    Capacity: 1200lbs
    Fiberglass: 68lbs
    Kevlar Cap: 60lbs
    Kevlar Spectra: 56lbs
    Blue Steel: 50lbs
    Royalex lite: 64lbs
    Royalex: 76lbs
    SP3 Poly: NA
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    I have only had a short paddle in the Haida but was pleasantly surprised at its performance for a large canoe being paddled solo.

    It's is a bit heavy for a solo paddler to get moving but once running it goes and tracks well. It is also easy to turn for a long canoe (just slightly harder than a MR Horizon 15 for comparison)and is quite responsive.

    If I needed a big canoe for family camping and the occassional solo trip this would certainly get serious consideration.


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    Likewise, I've only had a short paddle in a Haida. But it seemed Ideal for hauling lots of gear on flat water. It is very flat bottomed (which I'm not used to) as a tandem you can get up fantastic speed, but unloaded the hull bounces about (oil cans) all over the place.
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