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Thread: Anything to do with rivers causes aggro!

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    Default Anything to do with rivers causes aggro!

    In particular note the 'recommendation' near the bottom for permissive paths. In other words footpaths with access agreements!

    Just what in the hell is it with rivers? This sort of nonsense doesn't really happen anywhere else, but whenever a river comes into it, BAM, all sorts of reasons why nobody should be allowed anywhere near them come out of the woodwork!

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    The situation isn't a lot different in the States. Fortunately, in our fairly populous county east of Atlanta, the parks people were able to spend some millions (before the great crash) to buy land along the Yellow and South rivers, and have built concrete bike/skater/walker paths. Because of the ruggedness of the adjoining land, much of it never farmed, the paths can't always run right along the rivers, but it is possible to walk through the woods and brush to get to the water.

    Even our right to paddle the rivers is without legal support, few of the rivers being defined as "navigable." But on the larger rivers there has been no active attempt by adjoining landowners to prevent paddling.

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    I think ill join the ramblers association, wonder if they will mind me tagging along with a canoe on my shoulders before I sneak off for a paddle.

    The BCU should take some notes from the Ramblers Association.
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