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Thread: Wainwright's Walks

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    Whilst channel hopping on Sunday night I came across a fantastic hour long profile of Alfred Wainwright on BBC4.

    Last night following on for that was a 30 min programme on one of his favourite walks on Haystacks

    Fortunately this programme is repeated next Monday 5th March at 7.30pm followed at 8.30pm by a second walk on Blencathra.

    I believe there are further 2 featured walks in subsequent weeks.

    Happy viewing.

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    I saw the Sunday prog. Most illuminating story of a rather difficult man, most happy to be left to his own devices. I can relate!
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    Good programs! It would be good to camp near the summit tarn on Haystacks.

    Looking forward to the programme on Blencathra as it is my personal favourite mountain in Cumbria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Redondo View Post
    [...] most happy to be left to his own devices. I can relate!
    That makes at least two of us then ...

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