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Thread: A lesson from the River Ure

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    Default A lesson from the River Ure

    As almost all of the posts in this forum seem to highlight difficulties (understandly), I thought I'd relay a lovely experience I had on Sunday which was quite the contrary.

    On Sunday afternoon me and four others set off downstream from Sleningford towards Ripon in four boats. It was a lovely afternoon and the river was quiet, and at a nice level for a pootle. After a few km, we met the first angler, who was followed by many more. It transpired that there was a fishing match on. Uh-oh thought I, this could be interesting. As an anglist myself, I know that fishing in matches is taken pretty seriously by those competing, quite naturally.

    I had not encountered an angler on a river for quite some time when paddling, as I usually do most of my paddling in the close season in Scotland, or when the rivers are good and high in England. We paddled on quietly, expecting some comments (does this show a prejudice on our behalf?). However, all we received were friendly hello's, shared jokes, interest in our boats, and polite requests to paddle on one side of the river or another. We must have paddled past 50 or so fishermen, in what is a relatively small river, but received absolutely no complaints, moans, groands or abuse.

    OK, we were a small and even if I say so myself, impeccably behaved group, but it was so refreshing to just enjoy the day as much as the fishermen were.

    If any of the fishermen ever read this, then thanks very much for being so pleasant and understanding, and I hope that the fishing improved!! It goes to show, that it is the loud minority that attract all the attention, so for once I'll champion the quiet majority.

    I just thought I'd share a pleasant experience, amongst the other sort that are so often catalogued.


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    Great post! Glad to see that you had a positive experience.

    I love that stretch of the Ure, and it isn't far from my hometown.

    We breed a more patient type of fisherman up North

    It might be worth sending this in letter form to the fishing club in question.

    Did you use any of the facilities at the "mill"?
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    Good to hear that. There is light at the end of the tunnel....and it´s not the train coming our way!
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    We put in at 'The Mill' and left a couple of cars there. I did think about contacting the fishing club, but I have no idea which one they were - should have asked I suppose. We did make sure that the fishermen knew how much we appreciated their behaviour though.

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    This is a great post... we need more stories like this...something that demonstrates that most anglers and most canoeists are perfectly reasonable people.

    I get the impression that many anglers do not agree with the Anglers Trust's position and are happy to share, provided we act responsibly. Both groups, anglers and canoeists, have idiots amongst them who want to stir up trouble.
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    A great and comforting experience, thank you for sharing it.

    There is nothing I like better than the situation you encountered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darbinotley View Post
    I just thought I'd share a pleasant experience, amongst the other sort that are so often catalogued.
    Have you thought about sharing it via an access report on the Access Map? We need to build up a picture of peaceful coexistence wherever it exists as well as examples of bad behaviour.

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